January'18 Issue 6

Inside This Issue

1      Introduction: About DRK

2      DRK Insight and Studies

3      Regional Developments

4      Turkey Security Overview (16-30.12.2017)

5      Turkey Security Overview (01.10.2017-30.12.2017)

6      Unlawful Referendum Attempt of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Its Implications

7      Are We Prepared for the Risks Emerging from the Political Developments?

Introduction: About DRK

DRK Executive Coordinator gave an interview to Dünya newspaper.


It is stated that there are five steps of security architecture. Situational awareness based on information sharing of every related source is the first and the foremost one that could eliminate possible threats before they emerge. The second step is methods and procedures, third is the technology-based systems, and the fourth one is physical security systems. The last and the least significant step of the security architecture is personnel. This security pyramid is reversed in Turkey since the security is supposed to consist only of personnel and camera. DRK operates with project life cycle planned to cover all possible scenarios since the business continuity is one of the most critical components of the security. DRK aims to provide service in line with “Integrated Security Management Architecture,” which should ideally be implemented in order to attain maximized cost-benefit efficiency by specializing in the nature of every project.


Read the DRK’s interview.

DRK Insight and Studies


·         Sochi Summit and Re-positioning Turkey’s Security Philosophy

·         Egypt Mosque Attack: A Brief Analysis and Possible Consequences

·         Turkey – NATO Relations; Perspectives for the Future

·         Unlawful Referendum Attempt of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Its Implications


Case Study & Insights

·         PKK-PYD-ISIS, Interactions; Future Possibilities on the Regional Terrorism Developments

·         Large Scale Social Kurdish Turmoil - 6-7 October 2014 - Turkey

·         PKK Attack Profile 2017

·         Turkey’s Possible Military Operations: Idlib & Afrin


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Regional Developments

Syrian flag raised above several buildings in Kurdish held districts of Aleppo: According to the government sources, an agreement was put in place between the Syrian government and Kurdish PYD to allow the former to raise their flag over their buildings in the Sheikh Maqsoud, Al-Halek, Baydin, and Al-Sheikh Khadr districts of Aleppo. In addition to raising their flag over these areas, the Syrian government is allowed to operate inside these districts.


(Accessed on December 19, 2017)


Turkey sends new group of soldiers to Qatar: A group of Turkish soldiers on Tuesday reached a military base in Qatar’s capital Doha. The soldiers will join another group which previously arrived at Tariq bin Ziyad military base in the Gulf state. With this new group, the countries will have more military drills aimed at strengthening the defense capabilities of both countries.


(Accessed on December 26, 2017)


Russia establishing permanent presence at its Syrian bases: Russia has announced plans to dramatically expand its naval facility in Tartus and air base at Hmeimim, Syria. The deal will see Russia keep 11 warships off Syria's Mediterranean coast, including nuclear vessels. Russia's upper house of parliament voted to extend the military's lease of its naval base in Tartus, Syria, by a further 49 years.


(Accessed on December 26, 2017)


Turkish warplanes neutralized 7 PKK fighters in northern Iraq: Turkish Air Force “neutralized” seven PKK terrorists during counter-terrorism operations in northern Iraq. The airstrikes on PKK targets were carried out in Iraq's Gara, Metina, Avasin, and Basyan regions. The terrorists' hideouts were also destroyed


(Accessed on December 27, 2017)


18 people taken into custody in anti-terror operation against PKK: 18 people, acting on behalf of PKK terrorist organization and making propaganda of it in social media, arrested in Adana by anti-terror branch.


(Accessed on December 28, 2017)


120 ISIS-suspects taken into custody in 12 different provinces: Security forces conducted operations before New Year’s Eve against ISIS suspects in İstanbul, Gaziantep, Elazığ, Bingöl, Adana, Kilis, Sakarya, Manisa, Van, Diyarbakır, Mardin and Bursa. During the operations, huge amount of money, guns, ammunition clips and digital equipment captured by police forces.


(Accessed on December 28, 2017)

Turkey Security Incident Overview (16-30.12.2017)

Unlawful Referendum Attempt of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Its Implications

The disintegration of Iraq constitutes a red-line for the regional countries since they share a common threat, which is emerging from the Kurdish separatism, directed towards their existences.

On the other hand, the USA and Israel consider the formation of a Kurdish state as a step to widen their sphere of influence in the region and weaken the internal coherence of the regional actors.

Consequently, the unlawful referendum led regional countries to cooperate against external penetrations and strengthened the negative perception of KRG, the USA, and Israel while it amplified Russian and Iranian influence in the region.


DRK can assist the companies in Business Continuity Planning process.



Are We Prepared for the Risks Emerging from the Political Developments?

According to many reports, the political developments posing significant risks to the business. While the political risk was ranked at number 15 in 2015, it has re-entered the Top 10 risk list. (1)

For the Middle East political risk/uncertainties might pose much threat than that in other regions since the region suffers from religious extremism, sectarian conflicts, territorial conflicts and external penetration. (2)

The following emerging issues will pose severe risks to business by undermining business confidence, deter investment, disrupt their operations and obstruct talent acquisition:

• The prolonged economic stagnation and overwhelming refugee crisis in Europe,

• The rise of the populism/far-right movement and trade protectionism,

• UK's Brexit negotiations,

• Russian assertiveness and sensed threat by the Baltic States,

• The volatile relations among EU-USA-RF,

• The US military support to Ukraine,

• The strained relations between US and China,

• The possible nuclear war with North Korea,

• On-going tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran and Yemen conflict,

• The sectarian division in the Islamic World,

• Israeli-Palestinian peace process and Jerusalem crisis,

• Increasing polarization of societies,

• The diminishing sense of trust and mutual good faith in international relations.

However, the companies are least prepared for the political risks, which were covered partially by insurance companies. According to AON Global Risk Management Survey- 2017, the number of preparedness for these risks decreased from 39% in 2015 to 27 % in 2017.

Considering the emerging political risks, DRK can provide the followings for companies and organizations:

• Comprehensive political and security risk assessment and related reports,

• Real-time alert service,

• Examination and practice of the Business Continuity Plans,

• Assistance in an emergency, response and recovery operations.


[1] AON Global Risk Management Survey- 2017; World Economic Forum the Global Risks Report 2017; The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), 2017 Global Peace Index (GPI).

[2] The Middle East is the lowest-ranked region in the GPI, its overall peace deteriorated also in 2017.

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