July'18 Issue 18

Inside This Issue

  1. Introduction: DRK’s Vision
  2. DRK Insight and Studies
  3. Regional Developments
  4. Turkey Security Incident Overview (1 Month)
  5. Turkey Security Incident Overview (3 Months)
  6. DRK Travel Security Procedures (TSP)


Introduction: DRK's vision

DRK accepts Security as an interdisciplinary area, the tools of which extend beyond the scope of employment of Security Personnel and CCTV systems.

The employment of technology along with the professional analysis of risks and precautions form the very basis of a successful security system.

Effective security management, in its essence, should mean a support for the “Continuity of Business”.

Reliable security assessments and applications should be derived by a holistic and top down approach to the security environment, depending on the variations respectively from areas of interests, to the areas of effect, and to the areas of business operations.

As a natural result of the above-mentioned approaches, security should be devised and planned with the consideration of “Project Life Cycle” rather than that of current conditions.

DRK Insight and Studies


  • Designating Turkey’s Security Concerns in Syria: Ongoing Conflict in Idlib
  • Unlawful Referendum Attempt of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Its Implications
  • Turkey – NATO Relations; Perspectives for the Future
  • Egypt Mosque Attack: A Brief Analysis and Possible Consequences


Case Study & Insights

  • A Strategic Target: Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • The Increasing Tension Between Iran and S. Arabia and Its Possible Implications for Global Business
  • Possible Business – Wise Repercussions of a Potential Turkish Army intervention into Afrin Region in Northern Syria
  • PKK-PYD-ISIS, Interactions; Future Possibilities on the Regional Terrorism Developments

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DRK advices on how to plan and implement the security measures during the site operations, transfers, travels and logistics operations.
















DRK provides company/project leaders and managers with reports & analysis and security trainings as to contribute in the business continuity and resilience of the corporations.


Regional Developments

Turkey’s defense industry exports hit $900 million in 2018: Turkey’s aviation and defense industry exports saw an increase of nearly 14 percent compared to the same period last year, reaching over $900 million in the first half of 2018. The aviation and defense industry sectors made most of the exports to the U.S. - at $342.9 million - followed by Germany with $116.9 million.


Accessed on July 3, 2018


German intelligence recognizes PYD, YPG as Syrian affiliates of PKK terror group: According to a report published by the interior ministry of northern Schleswig-Holstein state, the PYD was called a sister organization of the PKK, while the YPG was interpreted as one of its Syrian offshoots. "With a round of annually recurring events, the PKK retains its followers and spreads organizational propaganda," the report said, adding that German law regarding the ban of PKK symbols was frequently disregarded.


Accessed on July 5, 2018


Trump’s Trade War with China Is Officially Underway: A trade war between the world’s two largest economies officially began on Friday morning as the Trump administration followed through with its threat to impose tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese products. The penalties prompted quick retaliation by Beijing, which said it immediately put its own similarly sized tariffs on American goods.


Accessed on July 5, 2018


Islamic State awakens sleeper cells in Iraq's Kirkuk: Islamic State affiliates have increased their activity in Kirkuk province in northern Iraq and are said to be focused on attacking civilians and government institutions. Iraqi forces in coordination with Kurdish peshmerga launched a massive military operation on July 4 against IS cells in the area between Kirkuk and Diyala, toward Iraq's border with Iran. IS has been active in the area recently, committing several kidnappings and murders.


Accessed on July 5, 2018


Turkey, Iran in final talks to build 2 power plants in Iran: The negotiations with the Turkish energy company, Unit International, to build two natural gas combined cycle power plants in Iran are in the final stage. The projects, with an investment of 1.2 billion U.S. dollars, include building a 1,200-MW plant in the central city of Saveh, and an 800-MW plant in Zahedan near the Pakistani border, Mohsen Tarztalab, managing director of Iran's Thermal Power Plants Holding Company, said.


 Accessed on July 10, 2018


NATO vows to protect Turkey's southern border against threats: President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the NATO leaders’ summit on July 11 as the first executive president of Turkey in the Belgian capital Brussels, as the alliance vowed to protect its southern border against threats. The summit statement also reiterated that NATO is in strong cooperation with Turkey against terror.


Accessed on July 11, 2018


Trump berates NATO allies and then asks them to double their defense spending goals: President Trump ripped into NATO allies Wednesday, slamming Germany for its dependence on Russian energy and demanding that nations double their military spending commitments. Trump insisted in a closed-door meeting of NATO leaders that the alliance increase its defense targets to 4 percent of each country’s gross domestic product.


Accessed on July 11, 2018


Syrian Army raises flag above city considered as birthplace of uprisings against Assad: Syrian government forces hoisted their red, black and white flag as they took control of the southern city of Daraa, quashing a rebellion that began there in 2011 and spiraled into Syria’s devastating civil war.


Accessed on July 12, 2018


Turkey Security Incident Overview – 1 Month (June 15 – July 15, 2018)

Turkey Security Incident Overview – 3 Months (April 15– July 15, 2018)

DRK implements security management functions on permanent or periodic basis and provides security updates to your corporation as necessary.





DRK provides solutions to meet the security needs of Hospitality Industry which is made up of different types of business with a high level of complexity.


DRK Travel Security Procedures (TSP)

The TSP defines the minimum standards for the implementations of DRK Travel Security Operations.

TSP Items

  • Travel health procedures
  • Travel checklist (TCL)
  • Office Arrival Procedure (OAP)
  • Country Travel Procedure (CTP)
  • Pre-Travel Consultation (PTC)
  • Traveler’s quick guide and induction sheet
  • Traveler’s leisure guidance sheet
  • Travel Legal guidance
  • Traveler’s behavioral advice guidance
  • Emergency Response and Evacuation/Safe havening plan


  • Assure safe travel for client travelers;
  • Comply with legal “DUTY OF CARE” towards travelers by helping them to avoid, prepare for, or respond appropriately to crisis situations during business travel;
  • Minimize the probability of business disruptions; and
  • Increase the operational resilience in travel-related crisis situations.

Defined Risk Levels:

  • Risk Level 1 = Negligible/insignificant
  • Risk Level 2 = Low (L)
  • Risk Level 3 = Medium (M)
  • Risk Level 4 = High (H)
  • Risk Level 5 = Extreme (E)

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