May'19 Issue 35

Inside This Issue

  1. Introduction: About DRK
  2. DRK Insight and Studies
  3. Regional Developments
  4. Turkey Security Incident Overview (1 Month)
  5. Turkey Security Incident Overview (3 Months)
  6. Prominent Regional Security Issue; “Buffer Zone in Syria”
  7. DRK Highlight; “Security Sector Realities in Turkey
  8. Latest Developments in Security World “Under Vehicle Inspection Systems”

Introduction: About DRK

DRK is a Risk and Security Consulting Company which provides sustainable support to its clients with high accuracy risk definition and security management in any region across Turkey. The services that DRK provides include, but are not limited to, providing security workforce, procuring CCTV and physical systems and consultations based on dedication, reliability, and knowledge.

DRK’s mission is to improve the security and resilience of its clients by managing the risk and security needs through intellectual capabilities depending on the time and the location. To improve the consultancy gap in Turkey, DRK wishes to implement an interdisciplinary approach of different layers and functions of security to meet the high standard security requirements of the foreign global corporations operating in Turkey. 



DRK Insight and Case Studies


  • Turkey’s Strategic Positioning Amidst the Rising Tension with the United States
  • Designating Turkey’s Security Concerns in Syria: Ongoing Conflict in Idlib
  • Unlawful Referendum Attempt of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Its Implications
  • Turkey – NATO Relations; Perspectives for the Future


Case Study & Insights

  • A Strategic Target: Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • The Increasing Tension Between Iran and S. Arabia and Its Possible Implications for Global Business
  • Possible Business – Wise Repercussions of a Potential Turkish Army intervention into Afrin Region in Northern Syria
  • PKK-PYD-ISIS, Interactions; Future Possibilities on the Regional Terrorism Developments

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Regional Developments

Turkey’s trade with Middle East surpasses $40 billion: The figures provided by e-commerce platform Turkeyol indicate that the volume of trade between the Middle Eastern countries and Turkey grew by 25 percent in the last decade to stand at $42.9 billion. The largest growth of trade volume was recorded with Iraq with 141 percent, followed by Yemen with 105 percent, Jordan with 97 percent and Saudi Arabia with 59 percent.

Accessed on April 15, 2019

US to ask Syrian Kurds to let Turkish forces through the door: The United States is pressing its Kurdish allies in Syria to ease their resistance to allowing Turkish forces to deploy on their side of the Turkish-Syrian border. The Turkish forces would be a part of the proposed safe zone in northeastern Syria.

Accessed on April 15, 2019

Turkish opposition candidate declared Istanbul mayor: The candidate from Turkey's main opposition party has been declared Istanbul's new mayor, despite a pending appeal from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) to invalidate the vote and hold a rerun. According to the final tally announced by the provincial election board, Imamoglu secured the mayoral seat with 4,169,765 votes, while the AK Party's Binali Yıldırım received 4,156,036 votes - a difference of 13,729 votes.

Accessed on April 17, 2019

Greece saw surge in migrant crossings from Turkey: Minister: The number of irregular migrants who entered Greece from Turkey increased by 37 percent in 2018 compared to the previous year, Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Markos Bolaris has said. “According to the latest statistics, flows in the first three months of 2019 have increased by 7 percent compared to the same period of time last year,” said Bolaris in an interview.

Accessed on April 18, 2019

US will not reissue waivers for Iran oil imports: The Trump administration told five countries - Japan, South Korea, Turkey, China and India - that they would no longer be exempt from US sanctions if they continued to import oil from Iran after their waivers ended on May 2. "We're going to zero. We're going to zero across the board," US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters after the White House made the announcement in a statement.

Accessed on April 23, 2019

Putin says Russia and Syria are not planning assault on Idlib for now: Russian President Vladimir Putin said he did not rule out Syrian forces, backed by Russian air power, launching a full-scale assault on militants in Syria’s Idlib province, but that such an operation was unpractical for now.

Accessed on April 27, 2019

Syria opposition receives military training from Turkey ahead of potential battle against SDF: Opposition factions in the Operation Euphrates Shield area in the Aleppo countryside continue to hold various military training sessions under the supervision of officers from the Turkish army and the so-called Syrian National Army, which is affiliated with the Free Syrian Army (FSA). The program, which began April 7, includes training on airdrop operations using Turkish army helicopters. This is the first time FSA fighters have received this type of training.

Accessed on April 28, 2019

Turkish jets destroy PKK terror targets in north Iraq: Turkish fighter jets hit PKK terrorist targets in northern Iraq, the Turkish Defense Ministry said. The Defense Ministry said on Twitter that the air operation in the regions of Haftanin destroyed weapon emplacements, shelters and ammunition depots used by PKK terrorists.

Accessed on April 28, 2019

Sri Lanka bombings: A series of coordinated bombings on Easter Sunday rocked Sri Lanka, killing at least 253 people (with the death toll revised down from 359 by authorities) and wounding 500 others. The attacks were the deadliest on the island nation since the end of its civil war 10 years ago, and targeted three churches as well as four hotels in the capital, Colombo.

Accessed on April 29, 2019



Turkey Security Incident Overview – 1 Month

(April 1 – April 30, 2019)

Turkey Security Incident Overview – 3 Months

(February 1 – April 30, 2019)


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