October'17 Issue 1

1. Introduction: About DRK
2. DRK Insight and Studies
3. Regional Developments
4. Turkey Specific Security Developments

Introduction: About DRK

DRK provides its very first Newsletter for its readers with a competent and experienced team which is a combined body of Strategic Experts, Company Analysts and Field/Site Security Managers under an experienced leadership, aiming to offer a sustainable and high quality consultancy service on providing risk and security management for your organization. DRK believes that; security is an interdisciplinary area which requires a balanced implementation of technology and human based security systems in the light of an overall scope of “Business Continuity” for the institutions and corporations. As such, DRK believes that reliable security assessments and applications should be derived by a holistic considering the variations respectively from areas of interests, of effect and of business operations as to provide a scope of “Project Life Cycle” rather than that of current conditions.


DRK Insight and Studies

We proudly share what we know. DRK’s intellectual products will contribute you in your decision making process.


·  PKK Strategies Against Civilians

·  Syrian Refugees in Turkey & Security Implications

·  Kurdish Independence Referendum in Northern Iraq

·  Overall Security Conditions in Turkey’s Proximity - 2017

Case Study & Insights

·  PKK Attack Profile 2017

·  Turkey’s Possible Military Operations: Idlib & Afrin

·  Weapon and explosive capabilities of PKK

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Regional Developments

Referendum in Northern Iraq: Referendum for independence in Northern Iraq took place on September 25, 2017 with the turn our rate of 72 percent. Except Israel, most of the prominent international actors called for the cancellation of referendum and warnings for the future rise of the tension in Iraq have been given to Barzani and his government. Despite warnings and criticisms, referendum took place and approximately 92.73% of the voters said “Yes”. International flights to KRG have all been suspended and borders are being closed by regional actors while the tension is increasing between Baghdad and Erbil.



Idlib operation: Turkey, with the respect to the last round of Astana talks where Turkey, Russia and Iran agreed on setting up a “de-escalation zone”, deployed its troops to Syrian border in early October. Idlib Operation started, with troops crossed the border on October 9, to enhance the ceasefire regime and terminate the ongoing violence. Turkey leads such an operation also to prevent future migration waves which may be caused due to the rising conflict between opposition groups and regime forces. As President Erdoğan stated, operation is supposed to last long till security concerns are eliminated.




Terrorist Incidents in western Turkey: Security forces killed 5 PKK terrorists, who were dispatched from Latakia-Syria, a government controlled region, in Köyceğiz/Muğla on October 5 while two others escaped. One of the escapers blew himself up when he was cornered by security forces. It is prominent that terrorists were neutralized by security forces before a possible terrorist attack in western Turkey, which is not PKK’s targeted area of influence. Nevertheless, the formation of PYD – PKK bloc against Turkey seems as an indication of possible future threats in western regions of Turkey. 




Turkey-USA Visa Crisis: The United States embassy in Ankara suspended all non-immigrant visa services at its diplomatic facilities by saying US government needs to reassess Turkey’s commitment to security of US facilities. Ankara retaliated by ceasing issuing of all non-immigrant visas. Tension increased when former Ambassador John Bass stated that the absence of terrorist attacks is the result of two countries’ cooperation, a statement that is interpreted as a threat against Turkey. The conflict has also sparked off debates on economic and military partnership, specific to US’ İncirlik base.



Shift in US Policy towards Iranian Nuclear Deal: President Trumps anounced a new strategy towards Iran by saying that nuclear deal is one of the worst and one-sided transaction country has ever entered into. He suggested to put additional sanctions and to address regime’s proliferation of missiles and weapons. Trump authorized his administration to work closely with Congress so that the agreement will be terminated soon. Iran responded back with anger by saying that Trump has baseless accusations.


Security should be devised and planned with the consideration of “Project Life Cycle” rather than that of current conditions.

Turkey Specific Security Developments

Ongoing security operations have continued to degrade the efficiency of PKK in the Southeastern Turkey. Upon the visible success attained in the internal front against PKK, during the spring and summer seasons, Turkish Army has started the long-expected military intervention in Idlib region of Syria. On the other hand PKK has been observed to intensify its adversities against the civilian targets and try to demonstrate a visibility in the most touristic areas of western Turkey. It is expected that the PKK activities may further decrease due to the upcoming winter conditions in the coming months.

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