Our Team

DRK Team is a combined body of Strategic Experts, Company Analysts and Field/Site Security Managers under an experienced leadership, aiming to offer a sustainable and high quality consultancy service on providing risk and security management for your organization.

DRK Staff and Experts


Strategic Experts (Security and Policy Advisors)

Mostly academicians and reputed analysts, Strategic Experts feed the company analysts with overarching security perspectives for the development of long term security insights and plans. These advisors largely deal with the political and security developments in the neighboring areas such as Syria and Iraq and give the company analysts necessary guidance on the possible long term political/security predictions. These Advisors form the Advisory Board of DRK which is itself an ad hoc body of consultation.

Company Analysts

Being the core “Headquarter Staff” and “Project Security Responsible” Company Analysts serve as “the interface of DRK with its clients”. Company Analysts are responsible for the management of the stand-alone security projects with all their aspects as to provide assessments and plans during the whole period of project life cycle. Company Analysts are the bridges between the Strategic Security and Policy Advisors, DRK Company Management and the Local Field/Site Security Managers. There are several permanent and several standby/on call security analysts who are retired Army, Gendarme and Police officials having at least 20 years of security experience in Turkey’s security environments. Company Analysts necessarily work in the fields and the company headquarters.

Field/Site Security Managers

They are the physical day-to-day security managers of each security projects. They are mostly junior level retired military and police officers who have extensive knowledge and experience on the practical security implementations and as well have an extensive network of official and local figures in the areas they are working. Field/Site Security Managers serve permanently in the field as the “end point” security implementers and managers.