Sochi Summit and Re-positioning Turkey’s Security Philosophy

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Sochi Summit and Re-positioning Turkey’s Security Philosophy

As such, Turkey, which has been experiencing security problems despite being a NATO member, Iran, which has been weakened by the economic embargoes and Russia, which has been dominated by the EU and the USA, came together in Sochi.

The relations among Iran, Russia and Turkey, have seemingly been shaped as a political consensus in Sochi, where they became "positional alliances" in the scope of regional problems.

It may be asserted that, this interim design has clearly been shaped by the net gains of Russia at least because that Turkey, a NATO member is clearly positioned against the USA in Syrian conflict context. Doubtlessly, Turkey found itself in a need to realign its position in the face of subsequent adverse developments of; NATO and EU relations and PYD threat shaped in Syria with the ultimate support of the USA.

The Sochi Summit may probably be used as an argument to signal that the United States should look at the Middle East from a broader perspective, in accordance with the steps taken by Turkey, Russia and Iran.