Why to choose DRK?

We work directly in the field in any location wherever needed in Turkey. Our vast expertise in security matters and familiarization with the regional context enable us to operate everywhere and on all security matters where required.

DRK is not a security company, solely providing security workforce and/or procuring CCTV or physical systems, but a consultation and management company are advising on the tailored security requirements. DRK aims to help its clients in decreasing their security costs while increasing their security efficiency.

DRK operates with a “Clear and Realistic” vision set derived from solid experiences and observations regarding the security sector malfunctions.

DRK addresses the security service procurers, faced The Security Architecture Dilemma, in order them to attain a true understanding of the overall security requirement balances.

DRK avoids unnecessary prejudices and ill founded tendencies on the favor of the human-based security systems by helping you to prevent establishing a false security system architecture.

DRK ensures the consistency of the interdisciplinary security service packages of different categories namely; in a comprehensive and tailored manner. DRK thus ensures the establishment of a “True Security System Architecture” designed above overarching fundamental concepts and analysis.

DRK rather focuses on long term (project life cycle) security requirements of your business operations.

DRK is a;


  • Cost-Effective
  • Reliable
  • Sustainable
  • Consistent

partner for its clients.


Security System Design & Management