Our Vision

DRK believes that;
  • Security is an interdisciplinary area, the tools of which extend definitely beyond the scope of employment of Security Personnel and CCTV systems.
  • The employment of technology along with the professional analysis of risks and precautions form the very basis of a successful security system.
  • Effective security management, in its essence, should mean a support for the “Continuity of Business” rather than the blocking of business wise activities due to the security regulations.
  • Reliable security assessments and applications should be derived by a holistic and top down approach to the security environment, depending on the variations respectively from areas of interests, to the areas of effect, and to the areas of business operations.
  • As a natural result of the above mentioned approaches, security should be devised and planned with the consideration of “Project Life Cycle” rather than that of current conditions.
  • Considering the competitive business environment, security applications should be provided in the most cost effective manner.

Our Mission

To improve the security and resilience of our clients by managing the risk and security needs through niche intellectual capabilities in the imminent time and location as necessary, both on ad hoc or permanent basis.

DRK’s Strategic Goal;

Is to fill the security consultancy gap in Turkey through the implementation of an interdisciplinary approach to different layers and functions of security. Thus, DRK aims to meet the unique and high standard security requirements of the foreign global corporations operating in Turkey. DRK is one of the limited numbers of security consultation companies in Turkey, but surely the unique one having the widest range of service categories from corporate to individual services including the Business Continuity practices as well.