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Turkey stays away from China's belt and Road summit citing Uighur concerns. See details here.             Putin says Russia and Syria are not planning an assault on Idlib now. See details here.             Arabs in Syria's Deir al-Zor protest against ruling Kurdish militia. See details here.             Syria says Turkish forces illegaly occupy Syria, bashes Golan decision. See details here.             Turkey pushes EU for membership decision. See details here.            

What We Know?

DRK, believing the "Power of Knowledge" aims to contribute in decision making process of your organization, with timely and reliable risk and security insights and predictions. DRK's contribution depends on a broad knowledge, expertise and experience.

DRK Staff closely monitor each development and keep tracking the "pulse of security environment" continuously.

Higher level guidance provided by DRK Experts concerning the overall political and security picture, render valuable background for the DRK Analysts for their shorter term foresights regarding a local or overall security environment.

In this context, Snapshots, Case & Study and Newsletters provide a high-value open source for any interested organization or individual.