Monitoring and reporting

Country Watch and Monitoring Political Situation

DRK produces informative and precautionary reports.

The levels and contents of the reports may vary in accordance with your company’s requirements.

DRK may provide you with periodic and on call reports both on the higher most strategic/political level, and as well on area, event and project-specific security matters.

Political Situation Reports

Political Situation Reports

Political situation reports aim to provide an insight to the clients regarding to the potential effects of overall political developments to specific business operations conducted. The anticipated outputs of these reports are the sets of niche security precautions to be taken by the managers in order to maintain the resilience and continuity of the ongoing and projected business operations. A typical political situation report is 5-15 pages.

Event / Incident Specific Reports

Project specific Reports

This report is a tailored report in its nature, designed to meet the security parameters of a specific business operation. Project specific reports include risk assessments (inherently with a risk mitigation matrix) and the security plan regarding your facility, site or travels/transfers. An area-specific report may include 3-20 pages depending on the volume and the duration of the business.

Event / Incident Specific Reports

These are specific reports regarding any incident occurred in Turkey. The variables of this report may largely depend on open source (media) information. However, the value of such a report lies in its assessments regarding the reasons, possible repercussions and a way ahead concerning the continuation of your activities and projects in Turkey. An event / incident-specific report may include 1-5 pages depending on the seriousness and proximity of the event for your corporation.

Periodic Reports

Periodic security update reports are at least on weekly basis. The variables of this report may include information and assessment on overall security conditions and on the specifics of your company’s security activities. A typical weekly report may include 1-3 pages, while a monthly one may include 3-5 pages.